my mother:annie bacher egerer (2nd row far right-black hair )
home with students of vienna chemo-physical institutes with
prof hans thirring (with glass)
on vienna mountains 1932 -
copyright carla egerer private archive....YOUtube
prof h.thirring skiing fledermaus styl

annie bacher -egerer far right

Germany & Austria - 1937-1939--Carl I. Luther (ski instructor and ski jump constructor)
sketched the first "batwing suit." He believed this would enhance "lift" and improve
ascending forces during the descent. Professor Hans Thirring of Vienna
and Dr. Martinak of Carinthia developed and tested a canvas coat with wide panels for
downhill skiing and ski jumping. Their experience with the device inspired
Professor Hans Thirring to write the book: "Der Schwebelauf" or
"The Soaring Run."
The Lense-Thirring effect results in the orbital precession of X-ray emitting gas
near the black hole, causing the X-ray emission to peak at periods which match
the frame-dragging predictions. An effect predicted by general relativity and also
known as frame dragging in which the orbit of a small body orbiting around
a rotating massive one is slightly perturbed by the rotation.